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Download Free Developing Applications with JavaScript pdf. JavaSript is a dynamic and lightweight language growing in popularity. It enables developers to quickly create functionality that runs on a large number of platforms.

FUSE Services Framework supports services written in JavaScript. The pattern used to develop these services is similar to JAX-WS Provider implementations that handle requests and responses (either SOAP messages or SOAP payloads) as DOM documents.

Table of contents Developing Applications with JavaScript
  • Implementing a Service in JavaScript
    Defining the Metadata ~ Implementing the Service Logic
  • Implementing a Service in ECMAScript for XML (E4X)
  • Developing Service Consumers
    Generating Consumer Code ~ Understanding the Generated Code ~ Implementing the Callbacks ~ Invoking Operations on a Service
  • Deploying Applications
    Publishing Services ~ Running Clients in a Browser
  • Index
Download Developing Applications with JavaScript

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