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Download ASP Tutorial. Active Server Pages (ASPs) are Web pages that contain server-side scripts in addition to the usual mixture of text and HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) tags. Server-side scripts are special commands you put in Web pages that are processed before the pages are sent from your Personal Web Server to the Web browser of someone who's visiting your Web site. When you type a URL in the Address box or click a link on a Web page, you're asking a Web server on a computer somewhere to send a file to the Web browser (sometimes called a "client") on your computer. If that file is a normal HTML file, it looks exactly the same when your Web browser receives it as it did before the Web server sent it. After receiving the file, your Web browser displays its contents as a combination of text, images, and sounds.

In the case of an Active Server Page, the process is similar, except there's an extra processing step that takes place just before the Web server sends the file. Before the Web server sends the Active Server Page to the Web browser, it runs all server-side scripts contained in the page. Some of these scripts display the current date, time, and other information. Others process information the user has just typed into a form, such as a page in the Web site's guestbook.

Table of contents ASP Tutorial for Beginners
  • What are Active Server Pages?
  • Displaying Date, Time and Text
  • Using Variables and Forms
  • If...Then and For...Next instructions
  • Do...Loop and Select...Case instructions
  • Subroutines and Include/virtual
  • Session and Application methods
  • Dictionary Object
  • Cookies
  • Open Read and Create files
  • Introduction to Global.asa
  • Active Server Pages Server-Side Scripting Programmer's Reference
Download ASP Tutorial

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