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If you quit smoking while you’re pregnant, your baby will be healthier. If you smoke while you’re pregnant your baby may be born too early.

It’s hard to quit smoking. Most ex-smokers tried many times to quit. That’s why they made it- they didn’t give up! Now that you’re pregnant, you have another good reason to quit. Each time you try to quit, you have a better chance to quit forever. If you have tried before, try again!

Contents Of Help Quit Smoking

Before You Start
▪ Why should I quit smoking?
▪ I’ve tried to quit smoking before. Why should I try again?
▪ What will happen when I quit smoking?
▪ I’m ready to quit! What now?

Your Plan… to Quit Smoking
▪ Why I want to quit smoking
▪ Where I smoke…
▪ Everyday habits I can change, so I won’t want to smoke
▪ Things I can use in place of cigarettes
▪ What I can do with the money I save
▪ A lot of people I know are smokers…
▪ What do I say if someone offers me a cigarette?
▪ What do I say to my friends and family when I quit smoking?
▪ What I will do on my quit day
▪ My quit day checklist

After You Quit
▪ What about withdrawal symptoms?
▪ How can I stay quit?
▪ Why should I stay quit after my baby is born?
▪ I started smoking again. What should I do now?


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