Statistics for Dummies

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Statistics for Dummies | The purpose of this book is to get you ready to sort through and evaluate the incredible amount of statistical information that comes to you on a daily basis. (You know the stuff: charts, graphs, tables, as well as headlines that talk about the results of the latest poll, survey, experiment, or other scientific study.) This book arms you with the ability to decipher and make important decisions about statistical results (for example, the results of the latest medical studies), being ever aware of the ways in which people can mislead you with statistics and how to handle them.

This book is chock-full of real examples from real sources that are relevant to your everyday life: from the latest medical breakthroughs, crime studies, and population trends to surveys on Internet dating, cellphone use, and the worst cars of the millennium. By reading the chapters in this book, you begin to understand how to use charts, graphs, and tables, and you also know how to examine the results of the latest polls, surveys, experiments, or other studies. You even find out how to use crickets to gauge temperature and how to win a bigger jackpot in the lottery. You also get to enjoy poking a little fun at statisticians (who take themselves too seriously at times). And that's because you don't have to be a statistician to understand statistics. Download free Statistics for Dummies.pdf here

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