Logistics Supply & Warehouse Management

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Since its inception in the early 1990's, the field of supply chain management has become tremendously important to companies in an increasingly competitive global marketplace. The term supply chain refers to the entire network of companies that work together to design, produce, deliver, and service products. In the past, companies focused primarily on manufacturing and quality improvements within their four walls; now their efforts extend beyond those walls to encompass the entire supply chain.

Today, warehousing play a critical role in assuring high level of customer service and overall logistics performance. Warehousing minimize the effective of supply chain inefficiencies, improve logistics accuracy and inventory management and allow product accumulation, consolidation and customization. In a world-class warehousing the cost of warehousing are minimized while improving customer service. The principles and systems described here are common demonstrate of world-class warehousing. Download free Logistics Supply & Warehouse Management.pdf here

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