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Stylish, expressive Renault Laguna GT introduces the new Active Drive chassis with four-wheel steering (4WS), developed jointly by Renault and Renault Sport Technologies to yield the ultimate in driving pleasure, as regards handling, response and precision. Its sporty calling is further enhanced by the availability of two exclusive, high-performance engines (180hp/131kW and 205hp/150kW). Thanks to its combination of advanced driving pleasure at an affordable price with a threeyear/ 150,000km warranty, Renault Laguna GT stands out as an innovative offer in the sports saloon market.

Five months after its release, almost 42,000 Renault Lagunas have already been sold in 30countries. In western Europe, 51,125 orders have already been taken, the majority of whichhave specified diesel power (87 per cent) and top-end equipment levels (Dynamique: 43 percent; Privilège: 19 per cent; Initiale: 12 per cent). Since the start of 2008, Renault Laguna'smarket share has grown constantly, fuelled by the Estate version (already six per cent of theD segment in western Europe as of end-February). Despite the massive wave of modelrenewals recently, this segment continues to erode at an average yearly rate of six per cent.The GT version of Renault Laguna, which is powered by two bespoke engines, places theaccent on enjoyment and efficiency to deliver outstanding yet reassuring and pleasurable onroadperformance, an experience to which its even more precise and responsive chassis andaccomplished four-wheel steering technology amply contributes. With quality an overridingconcern throughout its design and production, Renault Laguna ensures a reassuring ride forall occupants thanks to its class-topping active and passive safety and a raft of practicalfeatures. Meanwhile, Renault Laguna GT's crisp, distinctive styling belies its top-endpositioning within the Laguna range in terms of technology and powerplants. Available insaloon and estate form with a three-year or 150,000km warranty, Renault Laguna GT goeson sale in France from April 12 and then gradually across the majority of Europe by thesummer of 2008. Download free RENAULT LAGUNA GT : INTENSE PLEASURE AND ABSOLUTE EFFICACY.pdf here

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