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We're a conflicted culture. We go to great lengths to live close to nature, yet typically maintain perfectly groomed lawns. We value clean, clear water, but don't realize we send dirty rainwater directly to lakes via storm sewers. We want to see and hear songbirds, but to accommodate our lifestyles, we mow and pave their habitat away.

How do we reconcile these conflicting desires? The landscape architects and ecologists at Barr Engineering know how to maintain ecological integrity while providing the amenities we've all come to expect. The key is to work with nature to accommodate people's needs. When Barr designers begin a project, we first seek a deep understanding of the site and the processes at work there'how soil, light, water, and air interact with plants and animals. We also determine how people are affecting the area and what they desire from it. Successful projects occur when this understanding is incorporated with an intimate knowledge of the site's ecological identity. Download free LANDSCAPE ECOLOGY LANDSCAPE ARCHITECTURE.pdf here

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