Eliminating SQL Injection Attacks - A Transparent Defense Mechanism

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The widespread adoption of web services as an instant means of information dissemination and various other transactions, has essentially made them a key component of today's Internet infrastructure. Web-based systems comprise both of infrastructure components and of application specific code. Various organizations have started extensively deploying Intrusion Detection/Prevention Systems and Firewalls as a means of securing their vital installations. However, very little emphasis is laid on securing the applications that run on these systems, apart from frequent updates and patching. SQL-Injection Attacks are a class of attacks that many of these systems are highly vulnerable to, and there is no known fool-proof defense against such attacks. In this paper, we propose a technique, which combines static application code analysis with runtime validation to detect the occurrence of such attacks. The deployment of this technique eliminates the need to modify source code of application scripts, additionally allowing seamless integration with currently-deployed systems. We provide various optimizations improving overall efficiency, and also preliminary evaluation of prototype developed.

The World Wide Web has experienced remarkable growth in recent years. Businesses, individuals and governments have found that web applications can offer eficient and reliable solutions to challenges of communicating and conducting commerce in the 21th century. Various corporate bodies whose business model completely focuses on the Web like Google, Yahoo, Amazon etc. have taken web interactions to newer heights. As many enterprise applications dealing with sensitive financial and medical data turn online, the security of such web applications has come under close scrutiny. Compromise of these applications represents a serious threat to organizations that have deployed them, and also to users that trust these systems to store confidential data. The potential downtime and damages that could easily amount to millions of dollars have also prohibited many mission critical applications, which could greatly benefit users, from going online. Hence, it is crucial to protect these applications from targeted attacks. Download free Eliminating SQL Injection Attacks - A Transparent Defense Mechanism.pdf here

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