Advanced SQL Injection In SQL Server Applications

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This paper addresses the subject of SQL Injection in a Microsoft SQL Server/IIS/Active Server Pages environment, but most of the techniques discussed have equivalents in other database environments. It should be viewed as a "follow up", or perhaps an appendix, to the previous paper, "Advanced SQL Injection".

The paper covers in more detail some of the points described in its predecessor, providing examples to clarify areas where the previous paper was perhaps unclear. An effective method for privilege escalation is described that makes use of the openrowset function to scan a network. A novel method for extracting information in the absence of 'helpful' error messages is described; the use of time delays as a transmission channel. Finally, a number of miscellaneous observations and useful hints are provided, collated from responses to the original paper, and various conversations around the subject of SQL injection in a SQL Server environment. Download free Advanced SQL Injection In SQL Server Applications.pdf here

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