SAP ERP Financials User’s Guide

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Accounts Payable manages payables. This chapter describes the points of contact between SAP ERP Financials and the purchasing department. It also details how to perform efficient postings. Information on standard evaluations and the automatic payment run rounds off the chapter.

This chapter explains the basic business principles of accounts payable accounting, describes the SAP subledger, FI-AP (Accounts Payable), and then details various posting procedures, such as the various options for entering incoming invoices. It introduces four alternative transactions for entering documents, namely, general posting, fast data entry, singlescreen transaction, and integrated invoice verification. If the incoming invoices are available in the SAP system, the program provides different options for the payment run for paying vendor invoices in an optimal manner. The main new feature in Release ERP 6.0 is accounts payable accounting in the context of payment transactions and bank communication. For more details, refer to Chapter 6, Bank Accounting. Reporting ensures transparency for the presentation of the essential information in sample reports for critical master data changes, open items, due date analyses, and in the accounts payable information system.

For subledger accounts you differentiate between vendor accounts or vendors and customer accounts or customers. In contrast to general ledger accounting, in which you only manage the total of payables for the financial statement, you use Accounts Payable Accounting to manage all details regarding business transactions, such as invoices, credit memos, and outgoing payments. The interaction between the purchasing department and accounts payable accounting assumes a significant role here. At a very early stage, purchase requisitions or purchase orders lay the foundation for successful invoice verifications. You also have to ensure a correct documentation of the goods receipt, because it is used as the basis for releases for payments of invoices. The FI-AP component keeps and manages account-based data of all vendors. Furthermore, it is an integral part of the purchasing system. Purchase orders, deliveries, and invoices are managed based on vendors and update vendor evaluations.

SAP ERP Financials User’s Guide

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