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Download free Transferring files from one xbox to another xbox.pdf You will need, 2 xboxes 2 gtX dash mods with v1.03 or later 1 crossover cable 2 TV’s Some time to read this properly Step 1 connect xboxes and crossover cables. This should be self explanatory. Step 2 Setup the IP addresses of each xbox. Launch the ftp sever (L trig + R trig + A, or its under - applications - file managers - ftp (pc). This is the ftp screen, it is just a 'bare bones' evox setup. Go into the settings section and set 'use static IP' to YES and the ip address to Scroll to the bottom and select 'save and exit', then reboot your xbox for the settings to take effect. Repeat this for the second xbox but set the ip address to Step 3 Launch the FTP client on the xbox you want to transfer files TO. The ftp client is located under applications - file managers - ftp client. Press the 'start' button to bring up the menu. Choose 'Select Server'. Then the first time you connect you will need to setup the server details you are transferring from (ie the other xbox's ip etc). To do this select 'add server' . The first option you are setting is the servers IP, so enter the IP address of the box you will be downloading from, it should be displayed on the xbox's ftp server screen in the top right hand corner. TIP : To enter the number 1 with the onscreen typing pad, push your left analog stick to the top left hand corner, your right analog stick towards you (down), then
pull the right trigger, instructions for deleting are onscreen (x to delete). Once you have typed in the ip address of the box running the ftp server ie '' , press Y for OK. The next is screen is the server port, by default is 21, so just leave blank and press Y. The next is screen is the 'server name' , you can leave blank and it will contain just the ip address and port number (ie something like So just leave blank and press Y unless you want a customized server name. The next is screen is the 'user name', it is already setup to 'xbox', so just press Y again.


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