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Download free Cisco Router Hardening Step by Step.pdf There are three main categories of routers in use at companies today. Not brands such as Cisco, Nortel and Juniper, but three types that include Internet Gateway routers, Corporate Internal routers and B2B routers. These three categories of routers should all be given consideration from a security perspective, because they each pose unique security problems that should be addressed.

Internet Gateway routers should be hardened to protect the corporation from external persons who might wish to gain access to internal corporate resources. These external persons might be script kiddies, malicious crackers or paid hackers intending to steal data.

Corporate Internal routers should be hardened to protect the corporation from internal threats. Internal threats can be uninformed users who unintentionally cause harm or dissatisfied employees who are intent on malevolent behavior. Internal routers should also be hardened using tools such as access lists to protect especially sensitive corporate resources such as financial data, research data or employee data.

B2B routers need to be hardened because they pose the same threats as Internet Gateway routers and Corporate Internal routers to the internal network. Additionally they expose the company to a certain level of risk because the partner network could be compromised if security measures are not in place. Protecting business partners from risks from the internal network is good for security and for business relations.


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