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Download free Adobe Dreamweaver CS4 Classroom in a Book.pdf The Adobe® Dreamweaver® CS4 Classroom in a Book™ course provides students with techniques, tips, and solutions for using the Adobe Dreamweaver CS4 software. These instructor notes are intended to complement the information in the Adobe Dreamweaver CS4 Classroom in a Book. The information in these notes is organized to follow the sequence of instruction in each lesson. It is recommended that each student in the class have an individual copy of the Adobe Dreamweaver CS4 Classroom in a Book. Students will use this book as you guide them through lessons. You can buy more copies of the Adobe Dreamweaver CS4 Classroom in a Book for your students, or you can refer them to a local bookseller to purchase the book. This book consists of 11 lessons. If you cover one lesson per week, students will have time at the end of the semester to work on their own, constructing a new site using the Dreamweaver tools. The lesson exercises are designed so that students are introduced to the important Dreamweaver tools and functions. All the new or enhanced features added in Dreamweaver CS4 are included in the exercises. While completing the exercises, students create a complete website for a fictitious travel company. They also create a few pages unrelated to the travel site simply as practice exercises. Students primarily use the built-in CSS layouts; however, they also build their own CSS layout in Lesson 7. You can evaluate each student based on his weekly completion of the lesson exercises. Requiring a student to design and build her own original website is a good culmination activity and could serve as a final exam.


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