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Download free Moving from Classic ASP to ASP.NET.pdf ASP.NET is Microsoft new offering for Web application development, innovation within ASP.NET have resulted in significant industry popularity for this product. Consequently there is an increased need for ASP.NET education. The Web Application Development is a third year undergraduate course. To meet the demands of both industry and students, we have changed the focus of this course from Classic ASP to ASP.NET. This paper reports this move. The significant features of ASP.NET and the motivations for this move are discussed. The process, the problems encountered, and some helpful online learning resources are described.

ASP.NET is not just a new version of ASP. It provides innovation for moving Windows applications to Web applications. Web services and the .NET framework have made the vision of the Web as the next generation computing platform a reality. With server controls, Web forms and “code-behind”, we can develop a Web application by using a complete object-oriented programming (OOP) model. This increases the popularity of ASP.NET in industry. The industry project is the final course of the Bachelor of Computing Systems (BCS) degree at UNITEC, in which students undertake a real-world project. We have observed a rapid growth of ASP.NET related industry projects in our school.

The Web Application Development (WAD) paper is a third year undergraduate course. It was originally offered using ASP 2.0 and ColdFusion. To meet the demands from both industry and students, we have changed the course content to cover ASP.NET, Visual Studio.NET (VS.NET) and ColdFusion. This change commenced with the first semester of 2003.

This paper will examine the features of ASP.NET and explain why these are unique. The motivations for moving to ASP.NET are discussed by analyzing the current situation of ASP.NET related to industry projects in our school, analyzing the results of short surveys on
students, and analyzing whether ASP.NET is a better tool for teaching. Problems encountered during the move are also discussed and some of the learning resources are presented. It is anticipated that these will be helpful for teachers who intend to introduce ASP.NET.


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