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Download free Welding Materials Handbook.pdf This handbook describes various welding materials and techniques available to the SEABEE welder. The emphasis is placed upon interchangeability of materials ordinarily found in the Naval Construction Forces Table of Allowance. Although complete coverage of all possible materials and their various applications is not furnished, the data provided in this handbook will cover a majority of maintenance situations. The referenced welding materials can be requisitioned from the supporting Construction Battalion Centers. This handbook also describes several related maintenance techniques. These include: Wearfacing, MAPP Gas Welding, and some cold processes that can be substituted for welding procedures in certain maintenance applications.

Abrasion-resistant alloys have poor impact properties. Conversely, impact-resistant alloys have poor abrasion resist ante. The higher an alloy’s abrasion resistance, the lower its ability to withstand impact, and vice-versa. Between these two extremes are numerous wearfacing alloys that combine varying degrees of resistance to abrasion with the ability to absorb a fair amount of impact. The selection of a wearfacing alloy for a certain application is determined by the requirements of its anticipated service.

The Seabee Welder can greatly extend the usable life of construction equipment by selecting the appropriate alloy and applying it with the correct procedure. A regular wearfacing program extends equipment life, allows it to operate more efficiently, with less down time, and greatly reduces the need for spare parts.

The following section illustrates various parts of construction equipment and describes the correct repair welding procedures to use on them. Each diagram provides one or more electrodes that maybe used as alternates whenever the most desirable rod is not 2-1 available. The numeral given is the page number where information on the recommended rod can be found.


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