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Download free Fitting instructions Electrical installation kit.pdf Before starting work read the installation instructions. Only qualified specialists are allowed to install the electrical installation kit. Follow guidance in the current repair manual when carrying out installation work on the vehicle.

Failure of a trailer light (also the indicators, not reversing light and rear fog light) is shown by the lamp failure indicator on the instrument panel. There is no additional warning lamp (C2) in the vehicle for checking the turn signal indicators on the trailer. For trailer operation the rear fog light of the towing vehicle is disabled. A rear fog light must be retrofitted on trailers not already equipped with one. A socket adapter may only be used in trailer operation. Remove the socket adapter when trailer operation is not in use. Check the operation of the trailer using a trailer or test equipment with load resistances. Technical changes reserved!

1 Cable set with pre-assembled socket
1 9-core cable set for connection to the vehicle electrical system
1 1-core cable set for power supply
1 13-pin socket housing incl. fitting material
1 Trailer connection unit
1 Mount for trailer connection unit incl. fitting material
1 50 A fuse link incl. fitting material
2 Flat pin fuse, 15 A
1 Flat pin fuse, 5 A
1 Duraseal connector
3 Cable ties 300 mm long
20 Cable ties 150 mm long


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