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Download free An Overview of Installing SAP Applications on System i Models.pdf This chapter includes introductory installation information about such topics as planning and preparation, requirements, 2.3, “SAP NetWeaver and SAP Web Application Server” on page 21, SAP System Landscape, Client Server, and general steps:
  • Planning and preparing for an SAP installation
    In this section, we demonstrate from a high level about how to plan and prepare for a general SAP installation. We also provide a list of the primary SAP documentation for installing SAP systems. This is valid for almost any SAP application, therefore, we do not differentiate between the different SAP components.
  • Installation requirements
    In this section, we specify the issues and check points in the preliminary stages of an SAP installation. We also provide information about the hardware and software requirements.
  • SAP NetWeaver and SAP Web Application Server
    The SAP NetWeaver is the infrastructure for nearly all SAP applications. The SAP Web
    Application Server with its Advanced Business Application Programming (ABAP), Java™ stack, or both is a component of the SAP NetWeaver. Therefore, we define the concepts and components of these main technical fundaments of nearly each SAP application.
  • The SAP System Landscape Directory (SLD)
    The SAP System Landscape (SLD) is the central information provider for your system landscape. We show you some exemplary SLD configurations and provide a checklist about how to setup the SLD.
  • The Client Server concept for an SAP installation on System i servers
    We provide a short description of the technical principles of an SAP procedure, which is done by a remote installation client with the SAP installation server named TMKSVR.
  • General steps of an SAP installation
    In ten points, we summarize the main steps of nearly any SAP installation.

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