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Download free "Michael Jackson Conspiracy" by Aphrodite Jones.pdf The day Michael Jackson was exonerated, I was asked what I really thought about the verdicts by FOX star Bill O’Reilly. For months, I had been commenting about the trial for FOX News, saying many things against Jackson, leading viewers to believe the pop star was guilty. When O’Reilly pressed me for an answer on the “not guilty” verdicts, I was stammering. O’Reilly wanted a straight answer, and I finally said I thought the jury did the right thing.

But part of me was still in shock. As I made one of my last public comments on the case, I realized that I had become one of the media folks who had predetermined the outcome of the trial, wrongly. Many people around me were so sure of Jackson’s guilt. Certain reporters had slanted TV and radio coverage to suit the prosecution, and I was one of the people who followed that dangerous trend.

Somehow, I had missed the truth. When I read the accounts of the NOT GUILTY verdicts in all the newspapers, I felt ashamed to have been part of the media machine that seemed hell-bent on destroying Jackson. After I thought about it for a few hours, I contacted the jury foreman, Paul Rodriguez, who talked to me about Jackson, who asserted that Jackson had been a target. The jury foreman said Michael Jackson was truly not guilty of the charges. He felt Jackson had been victimized by the media.

Writing a book about Jackson’s innocence never crossed my mind, not during the trial in Santa Maria. I respected Tom Mesereau as an attorney, and I came to see why the jury voted not guilty on every charge, but I had no intention of revealing my own slanted news coverage. Beyond that, I certainly didn’t want to expose any of my media “friends” as being one-sided and unfair.

To make it clear: there were twenty-two hundred credentialed media people at the trial, and less than a handful of people admitted their deliberate attempts to portray Michael Jackson as guilty. Some of those media folks were a part of my inner circle. I have not named names of any media person in this book, other than Mr. Martin Bashir, because it would be in bad taste to point fingers. Viewers who followed the trial know who the culprits are.


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