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Download free New General - Ledger Accounting functions In mySAP ERP.pdf Today you must satisfy a broader range of internal and external reporting requirements – and with greater speed. The mySAP™ ERP application now unites all general-ledger accounting software to support all your internal and external accounting requirements. Streamlined functionality makes it significantly easier to comply with the latest standards for corporate governance and international financial reporting – while adding flexibility and supporting a fast close. You can easily adapt the software to the specific reporting requirements of your industry and your organization.

A highly competitive, increasingly global economy and a rapidly changing regulatory landscape have increased the demands on general-ledger accounting and related business software. Forward-looking solutions for general-ledger accounting must accommodate the increased standardization of international accounting principles and the need for faster period-end closings. They must support simultaneous implementation of new company-specific and industry-specific reporting requirements – while helping you reduce costs and increase data transparency. They must facilitate the increased convergence between financial and managerial accounting.

The new general-ledger accounting software in mySAP ERP can help companies like yours address these issues. mySAP ERP now provides a unified structure that combines individual ledgers – such as the cost-of-sales, profit-center-accounting, and consolidation-staging ledgers. With this structure you can:
  • Considerably accelerate your period-end closings
  • Flexibly perform reporting tasks based on data reconciled in real time
  • Efficiently handle financial reporting, according to both local and international accounting principles
New General - Ledger Accounting functions In mySAP ERP. This document explains how the new general-ledger software in mySAP ERP incorporates the new features. It also describes how you can make the transition from the general-ledger accounting functionality in SAP® R/3® software to the new general ledger.


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