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Download free Financial Supply Chain Management With SAP.pdf Financial supply chain management is the most effective approach to optimize working capital levels, streamline accounts receivable processes, and eliminate excess costs linked to payments. Analysts estimate that such efforts can improve working capital levels by 25%. Today, the best companies in a broad range of industries are implementing financial supply chain management solutions to improve business performance and free cash resources for growth and innovation.

With SAP® Financial Supply Chain Management, companies get a single set of applications for complete support of the entire working-capital management cycle. These applications, which you can tailor to the specific needs of your company, work in harmony with your sales, inventory, and accounting systems.

SAP® Financial Supply Chain Management (SAP FSCM) is a set of applications that can address virtually every process of your entire cash-to-cash cycle. These applications include:
  • SAP Biller Direct: for handling Web-based payments and account and bill display
  • SAP Dispute Management: for processing customer invoice complaints
  • SAP Collections Management: for proactively collecting outstanding receivables
  • SAP Credit Management: for managing customer credit lines
  • SAP Cash and Liquidity Management: for efficiently managing and optimizing liquidity
  • SAP In-House Cash: for centralizing intra- and intercompany payments
  • SAP Treasury and Risk Management: for managing financial transactions and risks
These applications are modular in design, allowing companies to configure and deploy individual components according to their particular business needs. In this way, SAP FSCM helps companies map their IT implementation strategies to their business strategies – greatly improving their return on investment.

Financial Supply Chain Management With SAP. SAP Financial Supply Chain Management is now delivered as a set of applications in mySAP™ ERP. As a result, you have the power and flexibility to link your financial supply chain management strategies to broader objectives that improve order-tocash, customer support, procure-to-pay, supplier enablement, and treasury management functions. Using SAP FSCM with other financial management applications in mySAP ERP, you can improve both your financial and your operational processes.


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