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Download free Executive Summary Template.pdf First, tell us who you are in one or two sentences. Don't assume these one or two sentences have to explain everything about your company. These simply need to communicate enough of the idea to get the basic point across.

Next, tell us where you are at in one or two sentences. Are you a pure concept living on a few napkins in a dorm room? Are you a real operating business with employees (however poorly paid) and paying customers? Do you already have some funding?

What is the problem you are solving? What is the pain your customers are facing? How severe is it?

Explain how you solve this problem. You don't have time to get into details, so find a concise way to communicate your solution to the above-stated need. Remember to tell your reader WHAT you deliver and not HOW you deliver it. Is your solution patentable (or patented) or is it otherwise protectable by law?

In other words, a good Solution for a lawn fertilizer company would be: "Our proprietary lawn fertilizer gives home gardeners a lush, green lawn that is child-safe, pet-safe, and environmentally friendly."

A bad Solution would be: "Our secret lawn fertilizer uses the latest bio-active microbes and non-toxic alkenoids, unlike competing products who use outmoded nitrogen-based formulations."


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