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Download free Delaware Green Energy Program.pdf Please use the Grant Procedure Flow Chart to familiarize yourself with the overall grant process. The Grant Instructions will provide greater detail regarding each step of the grant process. This sheet will provide a list of documents required for both a grant approval and final payment. The Documentation Descriptions Page further details what constitutes and acceptable supporting document. A Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Page is attached to address common grant and technical questions. The grant application is available to fill out once you have a proposal from a participating contractor that is acceptable to you. Please note on the application that an email address is requested. If an email address is supplied, announcement of your approval status will be sent by email. This is also the fastest way to receive updates about your grant.

Delaware Green Energy Program. The Green Energy Program requires that all professionally installed systems use a participating contractor. Your contractor must either be a current participating contractor or have the capabilities to become one. Applications to become a participating contractor are available online for contractors to complete. Green Energy Program applicants may also choose to self- install a renewable energy system. Applicants that choose the second option may apply for a grant to pay for the product costs only and may not claim a labor charge. Self-installers must also notify the Delaware Energy Office that they realize the system will only have a product warranty and understand that the workmanship is guaranteed only by the applicant. Please note that all applications and project proposals must detail all equipment to ensure it meets program guidelines.

Delaware Green Energy Program. Please remember the Green Energy Program provides grants on a first come - first serve basis. Grant approvals should be obtained prior to installation to ensure your project will be eligible for funds. Grant requests received after project installation cannot be guaranteed funding.


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