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Download free Object Oriented Programming in PHP5 pdf. For very large and complex programs, code-embedded comments are not sufficient. You want separate documentation that someone can read without delivering into the code itself For example, if you have followed a given commenting convention, you can point the javadoc tool at your Java code and it will extract class and method comments into a set of HTML pages documenting the API. This is a solution for the problem of keeping docs in sync with code. (It will break down, for example, if people begin writing new methods by copying old methods, and leaving the original comments in place.) But at least developers have to write only one description of a given method rather than two.

Table content of Object Oriented Programming in PHP5
  • Basic PHP Constructs for OOP
  • Advanced OOP Features
    Public, Private, and Protected Members ~ Interfaces ~ Constants ~ Abstract Classes ~ Simulating class functions ~ Calling parent functions ~ Calling parent constructors ~ The special name parent ~ Serialization ~ Introspection Functions
  • OOP Style in PHP. The PEAR Coding Style
    Indenting, whitespace, and line length ~ Formatting control structures ~ Formatting functions and function calls ~ PHPDoc

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