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Download free Moving XML Data using Object Oriented PHP pdf. As a programming language, PHP has many advantages, such as ease of use, quick development time, and very high performance. The question that really matters is “can you use PHP to write object-oriented applications?”

With PHP 5’s brand new object model, PHP 5 has become a language that leverages the power and flexibility of object-oriented programming in a number of useful ways. Like most object-oriented languages, PHP 5 allows the developer to take advantage of interfaces, abstract classes, private/public/protected access modifiers, static members and methods, exception handling, and other features that were not available in prior releases of PHP. Perhaps the most important thing to note about the object-oriented improvements of PHP 5 is that objects are now referenced by handle and not by value.

Object-oriented PHP thus gives us the ability to build more scalable applications, make effective reuse of code, and handle exceptions elegantly. Welcome news to many a PHP-and-Java developer is that PHP can integrate with Java—you can activate Java objects in your PHP code and then use those objects as if they were regular PHP objects

With this background, we start off by discussing some of the object-oriented features available in PHP5. Moving on, the article then shows how you can use PHP to simplify the creation of XML documents, generate XML from SQL data, and finally, how to take advantage of Oracle XML DB functionality.


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