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Download free Mastering SAP XI Administration pdf. This book is the synthesis of our experiences with SAP Exchange Infrastructure 3.0. As a component of the SAP NetWeaver '04 platform, SAP Exchange Infrastructure ( SAP XI ) has become increasingly important since the fall of 2004. The advantages of the current Release 3.0 over Release 2.0 are apparent in many respects. Several wellknown companies have since decided to use SAP XI to establish a stronger integration of the individual systems in their system landscapes and to begin the necessary consolidation procedures using this integration tool.

Thanks to our daily work with SAP XI 3.0, we highly recommend the SAP XI platform as a valuable technical component for optimization and consolidation activities, as well as the flexible coupling of individual systems. Whereas in 2004, Enterprise Application Integration ( EAI ) experts in the US could do their work without being affected in any way by SAP products, today the new stable SAP XI release seems to have put an end to that isolation. In the future, companies and corporations with a highly sophisticated SAP landscape will most likely use the integration tool supplied by SAP for the integration of their legacy systems. EAI providers who have been specializing in those integration processes will notice this change both in Europe and in the US, where SAP is becoming a continuously growing presence.


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