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Download free Mastering SAP NetWeaver XI Programming pdf. This SAP PRESS Essentials guide, Mastering SAP NetWeaver XI—Programming, is intended to complement and enhance the topics that were not discussed in further detail in the book Mastering SAP XI—Administration,1 since that book focused on other areas. This Essentials guide can be regarded both as a practical guide to programming and as an ideal addition to the aforementioned book. This time, our focus is on development. As in the practical guide for administration, we will make extensive use of a real-life example that you can reproduce yourself with relatively little effort in a minimal installation.

For developers, a minimal installation consists of SAP NetWeaver Developer Studio (NWDS), which is based on the development environment Eclipse; SAP Partner Connectivity Kit (PCK) for the development of adapters; Subversion and Subclipse for version management2;
and Apache Ant as an indispensable aid that acts in the background. For each of the development tools specifi ed above, this book contains an extensive and comprehensible description of their functions as well as the Web addresses you need to download the tools free of charge.


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