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Download free Mastering The Art Of French Cooking pdf. If you are an amateur cook--literally, a lover of cooking--you are always trying to sharpen your skills. You can be self-taught through reading or "distantly taught" by the Food Network or you can attend cooking classes. Some of those are given by culinary stars and, unless you volunteer, nothing touches your hands except cutlery, glassware, and napkin; at others, everyone rolls sushi in unison and you come away with basic abilities. If you're very ambitious but not about to quit your day job, you dive in the deep end and come as close as you ever will to feeling part of the kitchen brigade in a seriously high-end restaurant. Or university. However, even from a venue as well-equipped as UBC's Food, Nutrition, and Health Building, it's not often that the aroma of fresh foie gras hitting a sizzling-hot pan drifts across campus. But this isn't an undergraduatelevel course; this is getting to grips with the world's most highly rated cuisine with a real French chef.

Eric Arrouzé doesn't just show and tell, he makes you do it, the Chaucer professor who asks you to stand in class and read Middle English aloud with him, correcting and steering you every step of the way. The class is small enough (seven or eight; mussel juice made the figure illegible) that each student gets plenty of individual help. Tonight is the penultimate session of six weekly classes on the Culture and Traditions of French Regional Cuisine: Parisian Cuisine. The focus is not steak frites or croque monsieur, but grand, classical dishes with names that call up gauzy images of opulence, luxury, and well-upholstered banquettes, bottoms, and wallets.


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