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Download free Black's Law Dictionary Revised Fourth Edition pdf. Counterfeit drugs are a global public health problem causing death, disability and injury affecting adults and children. No country is free of this problem, which plagues developing and developed countries alike. Based on mounting evidence, national measures alone appear to be insufficient appear to address the international nature and scope of the problem of counterfeit drugs and the growing expertise and sophistication of those that produce and market them. By this concept paper the WHO seeks to launch discussions on a mechanism of effective international collaboration for combating counterfeit drugs in order to address the international dimensions of the problem and on the need for normative guidelines on national standards to combat counterfeit drugs.

Counterfeiting affects finished products and also active pharmaceutical ingredients, medical devices, diagnostic kits and other types of health-care-related items. Although this paper focuses primarily on finished medicinal products, many of the issues addressed could be applicable or adapted to other types of medical and pharmaceutical counterfeiting.


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