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Download free Alcatel Speed Touch Pro Users Manual pdf.The Alcatel Speed TouchEPro DSL router provides high speed access to the Internet and Corporate networks for small office and fastidious home users and high speed inter office LAN to LAN connections.

For optimal Local Area Network (LAN) performance the Alcatel Speed TouchEPro includes a comprehensive set of features, as there are a DHCP server, DNS server and NAT&PAT to name a few.

Table content Alcatel Speed Touch Pro Users Guide
  • Speed Touch Quick Guide
    Get Acquainted with your Speed Touch ~ Speed Touch Installation ~ What you Need ~ STPro Wiring ~ Check your Service Provider's Offering ~ Configure your STPro (If Necessary) ~ Surf the Internet
  • Wiring Guide - Ethernet and ATMF 25.6
    LAN Cables ~ Connecting Ethernet ~ Ethernet Port(s) on your STPro ~ Single PC Ethernet Wiring ~ LAN Ethernet Wiring ~ Connecting the ATMF 25.6 Port (Optional) ~ Ethernet vs. ATMF 25.6 Connectivity
  • Wiring Guide - DSL, Power and Console
    Locating Ports ~ Connecting the DSL Port ~ Connecting the Power Adapter ~ Connecting the Serial Port (Optional)
  • Wiring Guide - Resume
  • Configuration and Use - Packet Services
    Supported Packet Services ~ Packet Services at a Glance ~ Selection Criteria
  • Configuration and Use - Transparent Bridging
    Preparatory Steps ~ Using Bridging ~ Bridging Configuration ~ Bridge Data
  • Configuration and Use - Bridged PPPoE
    Preparatory Steps ~ Using Bridged PPPoE ~ Bridged PPPoE Configuration
  • Configuration and Use - PPP to PPTP Relaying
    Preparatory Steps ~ Using PPPoA PPTP Relaying ~ Preparing the PC for PPTP Tunneling ~ Using PPTP towards your STPro ~ Example : MS Windows 98 Dial Up Networking ~ Create a New Dial Up Networking Icon ~ Open a Dial Up Session ~ Close a Dial Up Session in Use ~ PPPoA/PPTP Configuration
  • Configuration and Use - PPP & IP Routing
    Preparatory Steps ~ Using PPP & IP Routing ~ PPP Configuration ~ PPP Entry Configuration ~ The PPP Configuration Page ~ Authentication Related Configurations ~ IP Routing Related Configurations ~ Connection Related Configuration
  • Configuration and Use - CIP & IP Routing
    Preparatory Steps ~ CIP Configuration for a LIS ~ General CIP Configuration Procedure ~ Retrieving LIS Parameters ~ Implicit Assignment Mechanism ~ Explicit Assignment Mechanism ~ Configuring the STPro for CIP ~ Adding Appropriate Routes to the Routing Tables ~ Example Configuration ~ Using CIP & IP Routing ~ CIP Configuration
  • Networking - ATM
    The ATM Packet Switching Technology ~ ATM Parameters ~ ATM and the STPro ~ ATM and Interfaces ~ ATMF 25.6 Port Configuration ~ The Speed Touch Phonebook ~ The STPro 'Phonebook' Page ~ Using the Phonebook ~ AutoPVC and the Phonebook
  • Networking Services - IP
    Speed Touch and IP ~ Packet Services and IP ~ Transparent Bridging ~ PPPoA to PPTP Relaying ~ Routed Packet Services ~ Speed Touch Addresses ~ STPro IP Address Types ~ Static IP Address Configuration ~ Speed Touch DHCP ~ STPro DHCP Pages ~ The STPro DHCP Server ~ The STPro DHCP Client ~ Speed Touch Routing ~ The STPro IP Router ~ Configuring the STPro IP Routing Table ~ Speed Touch NAT&PAT ~ STPro and NA(P)T ` Packet Services and NA(P)T
  • Networking Services - DNS
    Speed Touch DNS Resolving ~ Configuring the Speed Touch DNS Server
  • Maintenance - Speed Touch Software
    Software Upload from the local LAN ~ Software Download from the DSL WAN
  • Maintenance - Speed Touch Password
  • Maintenance - Speed Touch To Defaults
    Ping of Life ~ Speed Touch Reset ~ Browse to Defaults ~ Ping to Defaults ~ Switch to Defaults
  • Maintenance - Speed Touch Web Interface
    Web Interface Preconditions ~ Disabling Proxy Servers ~ Disabling Proxying for Local IP Addresses ~ Browsing to the Speed Touch Pages ~ Speed Touch Page Structure
  • Maintenance - Speed Touch CLI
    Native CLI Access ~ CLI through a Telnet Session ~ CLI via Serial Access ~ CLI Command Basics
  • Abbreviations
  • AppendixA Speed Touch Troubleshooting
  • AppendixB Speed Touch Specifications
  • AppendixC Speed Touch Default Assignments
  • AppendixD Safety and Agency Regulatory Notices

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