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Download free Enhanced Land Rover User Guide pdf. Enhanced Land Rover will allow you to access systems not available with generic OBD-II. The enhanced Land Rover option is an add-on to the AutoEnginuity ScanTool. To offer this support, the enhanced Land Rover option utilizes a proprietary adaptor cable. Whether you need this adaptor cable depends on the vehicle’s production date. Check to make sure that your ScanTool is already properly installed and that the enhanced option(s) are activated. Please see your ScanTool User Guide for instructions if necessary.

For BMW-based Land Rover models, the trouble code number convention has been slightly modified. If you look at the example below you will see the B1129 trouble code. The ‘B’ refers to the type of code. ‘B’ is for Body as you would expect. The first two alpha numerics are used for the system ID. In this example 11 is the Steering Angle Sensor controller (LEW). The next two alpha numerics are the actual Land Rover FC code. If the software supports the decoding of the Land Rover FC, it will display the description on the top-most line of the trouble code entry. Like the OBD-II trouble codes, you can get more information by selecting the (+) plus sign to the left of the trouble code entry. This will display more detailed information such as the fault frequency or any Freeze Frame information.


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