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Download free Alpine Blackbird PMD-B200 Owners Manual pdf. This product is intended to provide turn by turn instructions to get you to a desired destination. Please make certain that all persons using this navigation system carefully read these precautions and the following instructions fully.

Table content Alpine Blackbird PMD-B200 Owners Manual
  • Precautions And Notices
  • Warnings
  • User Agreement
  • Table Of Contents
  • System Features
  • Installation
    How to Mount Blackbird ~ How to Remove the Navigation System from the Cradle ~ Docking with IVA-W205 ~ Removing Blackbird from IVA-W205 ~ How to Reset Blackbird
  • Basic Operations
    To Power On ~ To Power Off ~ Set a Destination and Go!
  • Map Function
    Setting Estimate Time Display ~ Setting the Map Orientation ~ Repeating the Announcement ~ Zoom In/Out Map ~ GPS Status ~ Battery Status ~ Setting a Destination Directly ~ Switching Map Display
  • Destination
    Setting a Destination by Address ~ Confirm Destination Screen ~ Setting a Destination by POI ~ Setting a Destination from the Address Book ~ Setting a Destination by Recently Entered Destination ~ Setting a Destination by Coordinates ~ Setting a Destination by Intersection
  • Options
    Find Local Places ~ Saving a Destination into the Address Book ~ Setting Waypoints
  • Home
    Set Destination as Home ~ Finding Alternate Way to Go Home ~ One-Touch Go Home
  • Route
    Recalling the Maneuver List during Guidance ~ Finding Alternate Route ~ Finding Detour ~ Delete Route
  • Edit
    Editing Home ~ Editing Address Book ~ Deleting Previously Saved Destinations
  • Traffic
    Viewing Traffic Incident List ~ Viewing Traffic Incident Detail ~ Viewing Incident Location ~ Calculating a Detour ~ Viewing Traffic Icon Legend
  • Mobile Phone
    Placing Calls ~ Receiving Calls ~ Call Option Menu
  • Setup
    Customizing Display ~ Customizing Guidance ~ Setting up the Clock ~ Changing Unit of Measure ~ Configuring System Settings ~ Customizing Traffic Information ~ Bluetooth Setup
  • Information
    Simulating Navigation ~ Viewing Trip Information ~ Viewing GPS Status ~ Viewing System Information
  • Entertaiment
    Playing Music from Your Blackbird ~ How to Listen to Guidance and Music from Your Car Stereo ~ How to Update the New Software and Map Database
  • In Case Of Difficulty
  • In The Box
    Accessories ~ Optional Accessories
  • Specifications
  • Index
  • Limited Warranty

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