Volkswagen-Audi Vehicle Communication Software Manual

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Volkswagen-Audi Vehicle Communication Software Manual | this guide is divided into the following chapters: • “Chapter 2 Introduction” describes the subject of this manual. • “Chapter 3 Operations” offers general software operating explanations and procedures. • “Chapter 4 Expert Mode” offers general operating explanations and procedures for using Expert Mode. • “Chapter 5 Testing” offers testing information and procedures for various Volkswagen and Audi control systems. • “Chapter 6 Data Parameters” provides data parameter definitions. • “Appendix A Terms and Acronyms” lists terms and abbreviations used in this manual. • “Appendix B Troubleshooting” offers advice for troubleshooting scan tool-to-vehicle communication and other issues. • “Appendix C Fuel Control Learning/Adaptation Values” provides information regarding the type of fuel control used by VW/Audi ECMs.

This manual contains instructions for testing Volkswagen/Audi vehicles with Snap-on® vehicle communication software using the MT2500 Scanner™, the MTG2500 Color Graphing Scanner™, or the Snap-on® MODIS™ (Modular Diagnostic Information System) with the Scanner™ Plug-in, or the SOLUS™. Some of the illustrations shown in this manual may contain optional equipment that are not included on your system. Contact a Snap-on Sales Representative for availability of other modules and optional equipment. Download free Volkswagen-Audi Vehicle Communication Software Manual.pdf here

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