Resistor Color Codes and Values for Practical Application

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Resistor Color Codes and Values for Practical Application | This lesson deals with the application and use of resistor color codes to solve mathematical valuations of standard electronic appliances throughout the home. Students will be involved in measuring and recognizing the codes, values, and application of resistors in their everyday lives.

Begin class by introducing the function and uses of resistors. Explain size constraints of resistors and need to value each. Assign students to teams to brainstorm possible methods of identifying resistor values directly on the unit. Emphasize the small size of the resistors. Suggest that students consider alternate methods such as symbols, colors, lines, etc. Challenge students to solve a problem in a logical and functional manner.

of solving values using the color chart. Require students to complete the practice sheet of resistor codes (Worksheet #1). Emphasize that resistor color codes are a universal language and can be understood by people from other countries and cultures. Introduce the voltmeter and its application in the measurement of resistors and resistor circuits. Demonstrate the use of the voltmeter, prior to students attempting to use this apparatus. Download free Resistor Color Codes and Values for Practical Application.pdf here

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