Java Server Programming: Principles and Technologies

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Java Server Programming: Principles and Technologies - Building and managing server-side enterprise applications has always been a challenge. Over the last two decades, the role and importance of server-side applications has increased. The twenty-first century economy dictates that ecommerce and other enterprise applications are transparent, networked, adaptable, and service-oriented. These demands have significantly altered the nature of applications. As enterprises migrate from closed and isolated applications to more transparent, networked, and service-oriented applications to enable electronic business transactions, server-side technologies occupy a more prominent place. Despite the disparity of applications that exist in any enterprise, server-side applications are what power twenty-first century enterprises!

The purpose of this article is two-fold. Firstly, this article attempts to highlight the technical needs for server-side applications, and thereby establish a set of programming models. Secondly, based on these programming models, this article introduces the reader to the Java 2, Enterprise Edition (J2EE).

If you are a beginner to server-side programming, or the J2EE, this article will help you gain an overall perspective of what this technology is about. If you are familiar with one or more J2EE technologies, this article will provide the basic principles behind server-side programming, and help you relate these principles to specific J2EE technologies. Download free Java Server Programming: Principles and Technologies.pdf here

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