The Java EE 6Tutorial

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The Java EE 6Tutorial - This tutorial is a guide to developing enterprise applications for the Java Platform, Enterprise Edition 6 (Java EE 6) using GlassFish Server Open Source Edition. Oracle GlassFish Server, a Java EE compatible application server, is based on GlassFish Server Open Source Edition, the leading open-source and open-community platform for building and deploying next-generation applications and services. GlassFish Server Open Source Edition, developed by the GlassFish project open-source community at, is the first compatible implementation of the Java EE 6 platform specification. This lightweight, flexible, and open-source application server enables organizations not only to leverage the new capabilities introduced within the Java EE 6 specification, but also to add to their existing capabilities through a faster and more streamlined development and deployment cycle. Oracle GlassFish Server, the product version, and GlassFish Server Open Source Edition, the open-source version, are hereafter referred to as GlassFish Server.

Developers today increasingly recognize the need for distributed, transactional, and portable applications that leverage the speed, security, and reliability of server-side technology. Enterprise applications provide the business logic for an enterprise. They are centrally managed and often interact with other enterprise software. In the world of information technology, enterprise applications must be designed, built, and produced for less money, with greater speed, and with fewer resources. With the Java Platform, Enterprise Edition (Java EE), development of Java enterprise applications has never been easier or faster. The aim of the Java EE platform is to provide developers with a powerful set of APIs while shortening development time, reducing application complexity, and improving application performance. Download free The Java EE 6Tutorial.pdf here

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