Ford C-6 Competition Manual Valve Body Reverse Pattern

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The C-6 competition valve body is designed to replace perfectly without alteration, the stock channel casting, gasket and separator plate on any valvebody up to 1977 (identified by the bolt on pressure regulator & boost valve retainer) and also ’67 GT series. This results in a manually controllable reversed shift pattern (PRN123). Since the pressure regulator valve is the only active valve used in the stock main upper valve body, all other valves may be optionally discarded or left in place as desired. Valve body may be returned to stock condition at future date by retaining valves.

The governor assembly and modulator assembly is no longer needed. Their removal is optional, as is the kick down rod and lever assembly for passing gear. Proper reinstallation of the converter check ball and spring is important. This is necessary whether the valve body is used with a conventional converter type transmission or clutch type transmission. Please Note: Two pressure regulator springs are furnished. The longer oxide spring produces 135-psi oil pressure and is to be used in all street-strip transmission. The shorter silicon chrome spring produces 165-psi oil pressure and is used in competition transmission only. High H.P. cars may install one or two 5/16' SAE flat washer between spring and retainer plate to further increase oil pressure to a maximum of 185-psi. Installation of the springs will require removal of both the stock springs and regulator boost valve assembly. Because of our exclusive oil circuitry, excessive oil pressure is neither necessary nor desirable and has little effect on shift response or shift feel. No attempt to further modify the valve body should be made. New band should be presoaked in type ‘F' fluid at least two hours prior to installation. Download free Ford C-6 Competition Manual Valve Body Reverse Pattern.pdf here

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