Out of State Job Searches

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When recent grads were asked to comment on their job search and what complaints or difficulties they had encountered during their search, several students commented on a lack of resources for students who were looking for jobs outside the Connecticut area. Conducting an out-of-state job search can often be difficult, especially when the job market is sluggish, and may require considerably more effort and a different approach than a traditional job search. Students are advised to use all the traditional on-campus and off-campus resources available to them, and also to make every effort to tap into the resources in their targeted area.

For obvious reasons, our Business Placement office isn’t always able to provide the resources (job postings, on-campus recruiting, etc.) that students looking for jobs out-of-state need. One reason is that companies located in areas such as Boston, where there is a huge college candidate pool right in their local area, don’t need to come to Connecticut or elsewhere to recruit. We do our best to hook students up with alums and other contacts in their targeted area, but that isn’t always possible either. In addition to fewer job opportunities due to the economy, overall on-campus recruiting nationwide has been down the past several years. In an effort to reduce on-campus recruiting costs, companies are offering full-time positions to candidates who have already proven themselves when doing an internship at their company. Many positions now go unadvertised as companies look to their internship pool for candidates, or for candidates who have been personally referred to them. Download free Out of State Job Searches.pdf here

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