The Nanobiotechnological Menace of Black Helicopters

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Black Helicopters (BHs) are autonomous agents—lifeforms—created by the New World Order (NWO) using top-secret nanobiotechnology. The BH reproductive cycle starts with seed crystals (SC) that are injected into biological hosts—typically cattle or humans—by either human technicians or other BHs. SCs may also be sprayed from aircraft (so-called "chemtrails"). The inoculated SC uses nanobiotechnology and compounds gathered from the host's organs to grow as it enters the blood stream and travels to the intestines. Once there, it develops into a Microscopic Black Helicopter (MBH).

MBHs will either exit the body through the skin or stay in the host and grow, reaching about 20-30 cm long in a few weeks before bursting forth from the host’s guts. This artificial live birth kills the host and is the source of cattle mutilations. Bursting usually occurs at night. The new BH’s props unfold and harden before it flies off to gather minerals and proteins from its environment so it can grow to full mature size (up to 18 meters long.) Macroscopic BHs not yet their mature size are called Juvenile Black Helicopters (JBH). If discovered, JBHs may eliminate any witnesses or use their psychotron organs grown from environmental aluminum compounds to cause short- to midterm memory loss (known as "lost time") in observers before escaping. Smaller JBHs may camouflage themselves as pigeons, squirrels, and other woodland or urban creatures by covering themselves with the outer casings of animals they killed for organic building materials. Download The Nanobiotechnological Menace of Black Helicopters.pdf here

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