Linux to Solaris Administrators Guide

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The aim of the Linux to Solaris Administrator Guide is to give Linux adminis- trators the information and guidance they'll need to make a successful transition to using Solaris 10. The Linux to Solaris Administrators Guide is not intended for a rst time system administrator. The guide assumes a certain amount of background ad- ministering a Linux system.

While similar in many respects there are still quite a few di erences between a Linux and Solaris machine including commands, le systems and heritage. These di erences can be as simple as a renamed con guration le to the more complicated alternate meanings for command line arguments. This chapter presents an overview of some of the di erences between Linux and Solaris. Topics Covered Architectural Similarities and Di erences File System Organization Locations of Common used Commands Location of Con guration Files Location of Log Files Script Migration. Download free Linux to Solaris Administrators Guide.pdf here

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