Installing Crystal Enterprise Embedded Edition

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The Report Application Server (RAS) installed with Crystal Enterprise Embedded Edition provides web developers with a rich set of server-based reporting services for flexible report processing, zero-client report viewing, and runtime report modification. RAS works in conjunction with Microsoft IIS and/or supported J2EE web application servers to fulfill users’ reporting requests over the Web. This flexibility allows web developers to build ASP, .NET, and JSP web applications that incorporate RAS reporting features.

Before installing RAS, ensure that your web environment is installed and configured correctly (Microsoft IIS for ASP and .NET development, or a supported J2EE web application server for JSP development). Install any necessary database client software on each machine where you plan to install the RAS server components. The setup program automatically detects supported database client software and installs additional files as required. (These files are the native database drivers that allow the Crystal Reports Print Engine to communicate with your database client software.) For a detailed list of tested environments, consult the Platforms.txt file included with your product distribution. This file includes specific version and Service Pack requirements for supported operating systems, reporting databases, web servers, J2EE web application servers, and web browsers. Download free Installing Crystal Enterprise Embedded Edition.pdf here

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