Figure Drawing Art 213 Fall 2005

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Welcome to Figure Drawing. The next fourteen weeks will present new challenges which will develop your ability to draw the human figure. You will come to understand the mechanics of the figure, and the expressive potential of the human subject as it relates to the activity of drawing.

There will also be ample time to study the work of significant masters (old and modern) via the text and other sources. Students that have taken a course in figure drawing have found that their ability to move forward in courses (3D modeling) is enhanced, and that their visualization of the human figure is founded on fact and knowledge.

The western tradition of figure drawing dates back to the era of classical Greece. It took over 1000 years from the time the Roman empire fell, through the dark ages, for artists to rediscover the ancient systems of human representation. Artists of the Italian renaissance (Leonardo Da Vinci, Michelangelo, Giotto) pointed the way forward into the modern era of the late 19th and twentieth centuries. Roman and Greek artists developed systems for drawing and sculpting the figure within certain ideal measurements (classical cannon), which still work today, although we have adapted modern conventions and modes of representation in keeping with contemporary theory and current trends in art. Download free Figure Drawing Art 213 Fall 2005 here

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