FUSE Ajax Tutorial

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This demo uses the example of a Stock Portfolio to demonstrate the use of Ajax and Apache ActiveMQ and to show how to integrate them. Ajax (short for Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) is an approach to web application programming involving many technologies. Web applications require many time-consuming page reloads after calling the server. The purpose of Ajax is to minimize page reloads by sending only the necessary data to the server instead of sending the entire page. Inside Ajax one can use XHTML and CSS for standards-based presentation, dynamic display and interaction. The Document Object Model, XML and XSLT conduct the data exchange and manipulation. Then we use XMLHttpRequest for asynchronous data retrieval. Lastly we use JavaScript to bind everything together. The result is a Web application that provides almost instant feedback from the back-end with no downtime from page reloads without having to use proprietary technologies.

Apache ActiveMQ supports Ajax using the same basis as the REST connector for Apache ActiveMQ. The REST connector allows any Web capable device to send or receive messages over JMS. Please refer to the Introduction to the Apache ActiveMQ document for more information on Apache ActiveMQ. Ajax and LogicBlaze FUSE's SOA go hand in hand. In the LogicBlaze SOA model business services can be exposed through XML web services. Ajax clients are excellent consumers for these services.

Download free FUSE Ajax Tutorial here

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