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Download Human Resource Management Manual.pdf This manual has been designed to provide agencies the basic tools and resources needed to administer their agency’s human resource program under Compensation Reform. The content of this manual should not be construed as policy; rather it should be used in conjunction with the human resource policies developed by the Department of Human Resource Management (DHRM).

Human Resource Management Manual Compensation Reform is an evolving system, and, therefore policies, procedures, practices and processes will emerge throughout the Commonwealth and within the various agencies. As agencies develop their Agency Salary Administration Plans, agency-specific components of Compensation Reform will unfold.

Human Resource Management Manual This manual represents the program characteristics of Compensation Reform as they have been developed. DHRM is committed to updating this manual as policies, procedures, laws, federal regulations and trends in compensation management change and to provide consultation and technical assistance to agencies in the administration of this and related publications.

Human Resource Management Manual

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