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Download free Level 3 Certificate in Design and Craft.pdf Welcome to the Design and Craft suite of qualifications. This handbook is designed to provide you with the information you require for this course. You will find a copy of the syllabus you are undertaking, presented as two units. Unit 1 – Design for craft is a common unit for all qualifications at this level. It provides the means to develop a design reference for craft, through a series of outcomes demonstrated by a body of practical work. Unit 2 – Craft is a specific craft unit for the subject you have chosen to study. The syllabus gives details of what you have to produce as evidence that you have achieved the outcomes listed. You will explore the craft at some depth, gain skills in the practice of the craft and a thorough knowledge of materials, techniques and processes applicable to this level of work.

At the end of each unit, there is an assessment record sheet to be completed by your tutor/assessor, in discussion with you, as you achieve each of the outcomes. In addition to this, your tutor/assessor will keep other records of your progress which you can see, as required. Your tutor/assessor is the person who makes ongoing decisions about your achievement. Each City & Guilds centre is also required to have an Internal Verifier who checks a sample of the work of each candidate to ensure that it has been correctly assessed and that records show a clear route to progression.

here Level 3 Certificate in Design and Craft

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