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Download free Set up a PHP and MySQL development environment.pdf This tutorial demonstrates how to set up the Apache Web server, the PHP interpreter, and a MySQL database as a development environment on a Windows XP machine. By the time you're done, you'll have a complete development environment, ready for testing and development. This tutorial is written for Web developers. If you're comfortable working with PHP and databases, then this tutorial will get you up and running on Windows XP (whether or not it's connected to the Internet all the time). If you're just getting started with Web programming, though, this tutorial will provide a virtual playground for trying out PHP. Whatever your level of expertise, as long as you are willing to take things step by step, this tutorial will get you ready to go on Windows. You will also do some general Windows configuration, including setting up your environment. If you're familiar with PATH and other Windows XP environment variables, you're already set; if this is new to you, you'll get a brief introduction in this tutorial. All you need in terms of software and hardware is a machine running Windows XP (I use SP2, but I've run this same setup without SP2 for years). I'll walk you through all the downloading and installation, so you don't need any pre-existing software. You'll also need administrator access on your machine, so you might have trouble if you're working on a shared machine. Finally, you'll need Internet access during this tutorial to download software. Once you have the environment set up, however, you won't need Internet access.

If you've ever done any serious development work, you're probably at least somewhat familiar with the term development environment. Depending on how sophisticated your company is, this might mean anything from a Sparc 10 high-powered UNIX box running 10 or 15 instances of Apache to a laptop with an IDE (integrated development environment). In fact, you'd probably get a different definition of the term for every person you asked. If you haven't heard the term, you're probably better off -- you don't have all the misconceptions that many developers do. For the purposes of this tutorial, though, I propose a simple definition: A development environment is simply the environment you develop on. I know that sounds trite -- and that I'm not supposed to use the term I'm defining in its definition -- but it's actually quite useful. First, I assume that you are a developer. You write some code, or you want to write some code, or you're being paid to write some any case, you're coding.


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