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Download free Internet Programming With Delphi.pdf Borland Delphi is known to be a great environment for the development of stand-alone and client-server applications on the Microsoft Windows platform. Its virtues range from full OOP support to visual development, in a unique combination of power and ease. However, the new frontier of development is now Internet programming. What has Delphi got to offer in this new context? Which are the features you can rely upon to build great Internet applications with Delphi? That’s what this paper intends to reveal. We’ll see that Delphi can be used:
  • For direct socket and TCP/IP programming;
  • In conjunction with third-party components that implement the most common Internet protocols, on the client or the server side;
  • To produce HTML pages on the server side, with the WebBroker and Internet Express architectures;
  • As well as to work with Microsoft’s core technologies, including MTS, COM, ASP, and ActiveX.
Internet programming poses new challenges to traditional developer environments and to the programmers using them. There are issues related with the implementation of standard protocols, the use of multiple platforms (Microsoft Windows accounts for most of the client computers on the Internet but only a fraction of the servers), and the licensing schemes of some RDBMS systems.


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