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Download free Feng shui creates harmony.pdf Chimes ring, music plays softly in the background, accompanied by the soothing sound of several water fountains, as Teresa Hwang explains the principles of feng shui from her elegant home on Okanagan Landing. “Fountains are very important for feng shui, but they must be in the right place,” said Hwang, a feng shui master and lecturer in Vernon. “Depending on the placement of objects, different types of energy will come into the home. “A lot of times I go to a place and see a huge fountain going, and if they are doing well, that means the fountain is in the right place. Correct placement can bring luck into a home or business.” Feng shui is an ancient Chinese practice that is often referred to as the art of placement. Feng shui takes the approach that your surroundings affect all aspects of your life, including your home, work, relationships and health. “Feng shui is thousands of years old,” said Hwang. “In Asia and in Vancouver, there are many places where a feng shui master is always consulted as to the correct placement of fountains and other objects.” Feng shui is a term composed of two Chinese words: feng (wind) and shui (water). Wind and water are the two natural elements that flow, move and circulate everywhere on Earth. The essence of these life-giving elements is qi (pronounced chi), or life force. Feng shui is the art of designing environments in harmony with the flow of qi through one's living space, and this flow supports and enhances one's personal qi or life force. “The most important thing is the orientation of a building when it is first built,” said Hwang, who built her home on Okanagan Lake with her husband, physician Ghee Hwang, designing it around a traditional Chinese courtyard, with every element designed and placed for maximum benefit according to feng shui principles. While feng shui is widely used in Asia, as well as in larger centres like Vancouver, Hwang said the practice has become increasingly popular in the Okanagan. With clients who are building a home, Hwang will help them with the correct placement of the building on the property, to ensure the ideal energy: to harness auspicious qi, and avoid inauspicious qi.


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