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Download free PHP-Nuke Tutorial.pdf In PHP Nuke, a “module” is a selfupdateable section of your site. The “Modules” Link allows you to rename your modules, as well as turn them off or on.

The image to the right shows a sample Modules Administration page. Each of the modules on your site are listed in the table, with the module’s original name, the custom name you have given it, whether the module is currently active on your site, which visitors to your site may use the module, and some administration options.

The modules you have available to you may vary from the modules shown here. If you are interested in additional modules, please contact Keith Klein & Associates for more information.

Lets say that you have the “Calendar” module installed and you would like to rename it to “Events.” In the “Title” column, find “Calendar.” In “Calendar’s” row, in the far right column, click the “Edit” link. You will see a page like the one on the right. In the “Custom Module Name” field, change “Calendar” to “Events.”

If you would like to restrict access to the module, you may select “Administrators Only” in the “Who can View This?” drop down box. If you would like the module to be active, but not shown in the site’s menu, you may change “Visible in Modules Block?” from “Yes” to “No.” When you are finished, click the “Save Changes” button. If you have made changes to the module and decide that you do not wish to save them, click the “Go Back” link. You will be taken to the previous page and no changes will be made.


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