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Download free Cisco 1701 ADSL Security Access Router.pdf The Cisco 1701 ADSL Security Access Router provides secure and reliable Internet and corporate network connectivity to enterprise small branch offices and small and medium-sized businesses. It offers business-class ADSL over basic telephone service (Plain Old Telephone Service [POTS]) with a redundant WAN link to help ensure high availability of critical business applications. The Cisco 1701 router also supports integrated security services that help ensure protection of the network and secure data traveling over the Internet. Additionally, advanced quality-of-service (QoS) features prioritize mission-critical data traffic.

Optimized for data connections, the Cisco® 1701 router provides high-speed broadband access through ADSL over POTS (ADSLoPOTS) while helping to ensure high-availability networking with an integrated ISDN backup (see Figure 1 for front view and Figure 3 for rear view). This fixed-configuration router helps to enable a seamless network infrastructure for small and medium-sized businesses and enterprise small branch offices.

When deployed at a small or medium-sized business, the Cisco 1701 router provides access to the Internet and other remote offices, while securing and protecting critical data with integrated Cisco IOS®

Software security features. Likewise, when deployed in the enterprise small branch office, the Cisco 1701 router helps to enable secure, reliable connections to corporate headquarters or other branch offices, providing employees access to the corporate intranet.

The Cisco 1701 router helps businesses reduce costs by allowing deployment of a single device to provide multiple services (integrated router, firewall, virtual private network [VPN], QoS, andWAN interfaces) typically performed by separate devices. Cisco IOS Software allows this flexibility, providing the industry’s most robust, scalable, and feature-rich internetworking software support, using the accepted standard networking software for the Internet and private WANs.


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