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Download free Build Your Own ASP.NET Website Using C# & VB.NET.pdf It’s being touted as the “next big thing.” Microsoft has invested millions in marketing, advertising, and development to produce what it feels is the foundation of the future Internet. It’s a corporate initiative, the strategy of which was deemed so important, that Bill Gates himself, Microsoft Chairman and CEO, decided to oversee personally its development. It is a technology that Microsoft claims will reinvent the way companies carry out business globally for years to come. In his opening speech at the Professional Developers’ Conference (PDC) held in Orlando Florida in July of 2000, Gates stated that a transition of this magnitude only comes around once every five to six years. What is this show-stopping technology? It’s .NET.

.NET is the result of a complete make-over of Microsoft’s software development products, and forms part of the company’s new strategy for delivering software as a service. The key features that .NET offers include:
  • .NET Platform: The .NET platform includes the .NET Framework and tools to build and operate services, clients, and so on. ASP.NET, the focus of this book, is a part of the .NET Framework.
  • .NET Products: .NET products currently include MSN.NET, Office.NET, Visual Studio.NET, and Windows Server 2003, originally known as Windows .NET Server. This suite of extensively revised systems provides developers with a friendly, usable environment in which they may create applications with a range of programming languages including C++. NET, Visual Basic. NET, ASP.NET, and C#. Because all these products are built on top of .NET, they all share key components, and underneath their basic syntaxes you’ll find they have much in common.
  • .NET My Services: An initiative formerly known as "Hailstorm", .NET My Services is a set of XML Web Services1 currently being provided by a host of partners, developers, and organizations that are hoping to build corporate services and applications for devices and applications, as well as the Internet. The collection of My Services currently extends to passport, messenger, contacts, email, calendars, profiles, lists, wallets, location, document stores, application settings, favorite Websites, devices owned, and preferences for receiving alerts.
The book focuses on one of the core components within the .NET Framework: ASP.NET.


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